(Lead vocals; acoustic guitars; lyricist; producer)

I’m not a professional musician - just a guy with a musical vision after 9/11. Apart from singing in the choir as a child and jamming at home with friends my musical experience was spent mostly at “the shows” listening. Influenced greatly by Neil Young, Warren Zevon and Don Henley, I really wanted to tell this story. A lot of good friends made it possible with this project. I still work in NYC (across the street from GZ) and live near Woodstock, NY with my wife Barbie and dogs, Ben and Maggie.

(Electric and acoustic guitars; backing vocals)

Without his help and inspiration this project would never have come to pass. Jeremy was standing next to me on 9/11 in downtown NYC when the planes hit. He had only been working in the city for a few months. His dad had been in the Towers in the 1993 bombing. Fortunately, Jeremy has had significant musical and vocal training throughout the years. He lives and works in NYC still with his wife Melissa. I thank him from the bottom of my heart but honestly wish he had stayed in school a bit longer. No one deserves these memories.

(Engineer; co-producer; organ, piano shakers and backing vocals)

He attended Berklee College of Music. He spent countless nights recording, playing, making creative suggestions and generally getting this project off the ground. And thankfully he came out of performing retirement to play the live gigs each year with MGZ. Rich’s expertise and humor have gotten the band through many frustrating but exhilarating nights in the studio. Rich lives in NYC. I‘ve spent so much time recording with him we’ve become family.

(Drums and percussion)

It is always wonderful to have an amazing chick studio drummer in the band—it gives the band sound a dynamic undertone and some maturity as well. Donna lives in NYC and plays with several groups in addition to doing session gigs. She provides incredible focus during the rehearsals when the guys begin to fade. She’s our backbone in so many ways. I appreciate her efforts and contribution more than she will ever know. But more than anything I savor her friendship.


A longtime friend and fellow high school grad of mine (back in Connecticut many years ago). O plays professionally on Broadway in a musical and records with numerous different bands around the City. He is also a grad of Berklee College of Music in Boston. He was the guy who got Rich involved thankfully. Who would have thought that so many years after school our paths would cross again? It was clearly meant to be. Without his suggestion this project would never have started.

(Acoustic and electric guitars; bass)

Just a wonderfully talented and amazing technical musician. Mark owns the studio that we record at in NYC and has another in Woodstock, NY. Mark’s musical ideas and contributions to our sound have been enormous. Mark is professional musician who has toured around the world with several bands and is an original member of the Dharma Bums. His addition to our live show has been lighting up the room the last 2 years. I am in complete awe of his talent. He has a very special musical gift.


Her lovely violin undertones are heavenly melodic. She came in the studio and hit everything on one take. Just incredible. I thank her for her additions and hope she can play live with us this year. We just have to find a bigger stage! It’s getting crowded up there at Tribeca Blues.


Those wild solos on “Inside” and “Time” came from Jon’s universe. A highly touted studio and touring musician I was just lucky to get him on board. We’re hoping he can bring all that soul to the show yet another year.

We have to thank a few folks who have made the control room just a better place to be during all those sessions. Barbie Tuttle, Melissa Slansky and Joe Romeo get a very special nod from us all for the encouragement and love they have shown over the last 4 years. Thanks for the continuous support. And the coffee.